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June 21, 2022

My name is Frank, I am a patient of Dr Della Porta. I have been suffering from severe dry eye conditions for the past year and a half. My eye comfort level was greatly diminished to a point where wearing contact lenses was near impossible. My quality of life was impacted by this condition as this problem just aggravates your eyesight comfort daily. It seemed that my body was no longer capable of making tears. My eyes were always in a constant state of redness.

I believe that my condition got worse during the Covid lockdown period when I was unable to see a doctor for help. When I was finally able to visit my Ophthalmologist, he treated me with various types of medications like anti-biotics and steroids. I did get some relief from the steroid treatment, but eventually learned that a side effect of the steroid treatment was to increase my ocular pressure. An increase in ocular pressure can eventually damage your eyes, so I had to stop the treatments. I was then tested for an auto-immune condition called Sjogren’s disease, that can present the same type of dry eye symptoms.

This test proved to be negative. My dry eye condition was not improving much and I was getting very frustrated over time that nothing was helping. My eyes were in a constant state of redness and it was embarrassing to go anywhere. Eye whiteness drops were only temporary, and the redness always returned. I was consuming large amounts of dry eye drops daily and getting little help from them. I was miserable. It affected both my personal and business life.

I learned about Dr Della Porta through my Ophthalmologist. He explained to me that there were new technologies called IPL and Heat Expression that were being used quite successfully, but yet to be covered by insurance. I decided to check it out. To me it was worth paying the cost of the treatments if they would help me. There were very few doctors available in the area that had the equipment and were trained to administer the treatments. I was fortunate to find Dr Maria Della Porta close to my home.

I was very impressed with my initial visit. Dr Della Porta seemed very knowledgeable about dry eye disease and clearly explained how these new technologies might help my situation. IPL has been around for some time to treat other skin conditions but was only recently being used to treat dry eyes.

Dr Della Porta thoroughly examined my eyes and determined that I would be a good candidate to try this treatment. She felt confident that she could help me over time. I needed to invest about 3 months of my time to allow the treatments to slowly improve my eyes tearing abilities. She advised me that a combination of IPL and heat expression therapy would be used together to help my condition. I was a bit reluctant at first, but decided to give it a try. I was desperate to get better.

I was so impressed by the results, I felt it was important to get the word out to other people that might be suffering the same way I was, and thinking that nothing is available to help their situation. Please give Dr Della Porta a try. If you respond to the treatments as I did, you will not regret it.
I decided to have a four-course treatment. Four IPL treatments combined with two heat expression treatments. It takes about 3 months as you have to wait between treatments to allow the healing to take place.

After the first treatment of IPL I could immediately feel some improvement. Each day you feel the change in your eyes taking place. More minor at first, then more significant as time goes on. Dr Della Porta explained that I should continue to see daily improvement as the three months go by. She was right. After my third IPL treatment I was actually able to wear my contact lenses again. I never thought I would ever use my contacts again. It was absolutely incredible!

Over time my eyes continued to look whiter and I started to feel like a normal person again. This is really an amazing technology in my opinion. If your eyes respond to these treatments the same way that mine did, you will be blown away.

Over time I understand that more treatments may be needed to preserve my condition. This is normal and to be expected. Each case is different and I am scheduled for another treatment in six months. It may be shorter, or it may be longer. It depends on the individual, their age, their condition when you started treatments, and your daily eye care. Well worth my time and money. Thank-you Dr Della Porta for giving me my normal life back. Amazing Doctor using an amazing technology.