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At our advanced eye care center in Bristol, clients of all ages receive top-notch eye health services. Our dedicated optometrist strives to provide the best care, from contacts and eyeglasses to cutting-edge eye disease treatment. Ensure healthy eyes and clear vision for a fulfilling life with our comprehensive and innovative eye care services.

Home » Advanced Service

Bristol Eye Exams, Advanced Eye Care Services & More

Our Della Porta EyeCare LLC optometric team offers a large range of services so that you and your family can live life with the best possible vision. Learn more about some of our key services below.


Suffering from dry, itchy, or red eyes? Our team can diagnose and treat your condition with a tailored plan. We offer a wide range of safe and effective dry eye treatments to help you find the relief you seek. From in-office treatments to lifestyle recommendations, we take a holistic approach for optimal results. Reach out to us now to bid dry eyes 'goodbye'.


We provide custom-made scleral lenses for irregular corneas, dry eye, and other hard-to-fit patients for optimal vision and superior comfort. Find out if scleral lenses are right for you.


We manage and treat a variety of sight-threatening eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. Our customized treatment plan may slow the eye disease and even prevent severe vision loss. Remember, early detection and intervention is key to preserving healthy vision. Schedule your appointment today.

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